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All the events require registration from the participants so make sure and prepare all the necessary documents! You can download the registration and entry forms from below.


Jun 28 Registration, measurement for both events, opening ceremony!
Jun 29- jul 2 Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race, races
Jul 2 Final race day and prize-giving for the Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race
Jul 2-4 RS Feva international sailing camp, and sailing clinic
Jul 4 Registration, measurement for RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2019
Jul 4 Practice race and Opening ceremony
Jul 5-7 RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2019, races
Jul 7 Last race day and , Prize giving ceremony


*Change of Location! See at News feed!*

Alsóörs Marina is located in the center of Alsóörs. The port and its huge grassy area also serve as a home for hungarian children sailors. The marina and BYC1912 regularly host small boat competitions. The area also features BYC1912 Sailing Club, which is Berecz Zsombor World Champion sailor’s club. In recent years, Alsóörs has held a significant number of international small and big boat races. The vast grassy part of the area, and its built-up direct waterfront area, makes it particularly suitable for large-scale boat races. BYC1912 and Alsóörs Marina Port’s helpful leaders were first to join the organization of the RS Feva Eurocup 2019 tournaments, special thanks to them! Their flexible attitude and their good relationship with MVSZ guarantee us the smooth running of the competition.
Also, the area is surrounded by a large number of parking spaces directly in front of the marina. During the competition, the parking for the competitors is a few hundred meters away from the venue of the event. During the events, our volunteers help the participants with everything as well as to place their equipment.

The Organising Comittee has carefully selected some hotels offering special deal for the RS Feva Hungarian Fleet Race RS Feva Sailing camp and the RS Feva Eurocup 2019  (Jun 28 – Jul 7).

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