Welcome to Hungary!

  • December 19, 2017

Balatonfüred can be accessed easily from anywhere in ‘RS Feva Europe’. It takes to trail your RS Feva to Balaton on highways:
• 3 hours from Wienna (AUT)
• 5 hours from Lipno (CZE)
• 8 hours from Bavaria (GER)
• 9 hours from Iseo (ITA)
• 12 hours from Cannes and Geneve (FRA, SUI )
• 13 hours from Medenblick (NED)
• 14 hours from Odense and Brussels (DEN,BEL)
• 15 hours from Vilnius (LIT)
• 17 hours from London (GBR)
• 18 hours from Barcelona (ESP)
• 21 hours from Stockholm and Tallinn (SWE, EST)
• 25 hours from Dublin (IRL)

If you prefer flying, it takes not more than 1.5 hours to get to Balatonfüred from the Budapest International Airport. From the most European countries you can land in 2 hours after departure in Budapest.  If you want more information,  send us an email!