Hungarian race calendar for RS Feva 2019

  • March 17, 2019

The Hungarian Sailing Association’s RS Feva calendar for 2019 is the official race schedule of the RS Feva class. This year again 4 rank competitions will be held, HC and EC as well, on Lake Balaton.

In addition, other races have been announced: Nádas Cup and the Western Pool Youth Cup for the RS Feva class. This also shows the unbroken development of the fleet in Hungary.

This year the Hungarian Championship, the Eurocup (which is also a leaderboard competition) and the other two ranking rounds, two of which will be held in the Western Basin (Keszthely, Ábrahámhegy) and two in the Eastern Basin (Csopak, Alsóörs) will be of particular importance to the fleet.

It is important for the class association to come together in as many events as possible, and having as many participating clubs as possible at the tournaments. Therefore, if we can help you with the entry or compilation of the competition calendar, look for the president of the class association at

The calendar can be downloaded here in pdf format!

Foreign competitors and relationships are also of primary importance to us, so we ask everyone who has international contacts to spread the news about Hungarian RS Feva competitions!