Balatonfüred has beenthe home of Hungarian sailors

The town Balatonfüred is situated on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. In the 19th century, the aristocrats of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were aware of the natural beauty of this place. Close to the Tihany peninsula an impressive view of the lake as well as healing water springs gave birth to a health resort that has been the center of the lower town, right by the lake.
The Hungarian nobles were very keen on sailing and they got their yachts built in the Balatonfüred shipyard. So it was natural, that a yacht club would be established here which became the cornerstone of the sport sailing in Hungary
Today, Balatonfüred is the principal center of Hungarian sailing. Year after year, top-ranking sailing events are organized by the local clubs and the Hungarian Yachting Association which has its headquarters also here. Apart from excellent sailing conditions, the charming restaurants and vineyards as well as a wide range of accommodation make Balatonfüred a very attractive place for sailors from all over the world.