Official – Race Committee for RS Feva HC and Eurocup

  • March 17, 2019

In February this year, the organization of RS Feva OB and Eurocup was launched with great power. We are constantly trying to inform our audience about the events. The chairman of the organizing committee is Richárd Náray, secretary of the committee is Bernadett Sármay, similarly to 2018.

The work of the Judicial Team and the official materials are prepared by Vilmos Náray, International Judge, which guarantees the proper conduct of the competition.

Péter Sipos will be the head of the Race Committee, while Réka Fluck will be responsible for the work of the Race Office.

In addition to the competition, we will pay special attention to programs on the shore, plan a couple of lectures on the rules, offer programs at the waterslide park (for windless periods), common breakfasts and dinners.