RS Feva Hungarian Championship REVIEW

  • August 4, 2018

First ever Hungarian Champion to be awarded in the RS Feva class

Herbert Kovács and Bence Farkas won the Championship from KYK VSE


Aug. 1st, 2018., Balatonfüred – The first Hungarian Championship took place at Balatonfüred during a lovely weekend, and the first Champions were awarded in the RS Feva Class. Despite the fact that the wind was changing quite a lot both in direction and strength, after 7 races, competitors from the KYK VSE – Herbert Kovács and Bence Farkas – won the Championship with 5 first place races and excellent sailing.

Although large clubs, with the exception of BYC, had their absence, an enthusiastic field of 15 boats gathered for the competition jointly organized by VGYE, the class union and the Hungarian Sailing Association. The two-seater, world-renowned RS Feva boats have had fleet championships for several years now, which have doubled in participating boats for their first HC this year. “We are delighted that competitors from the distant Keszthely, Fonyód and Balatonmáriafürdő are also coming, and I think that we will be able to count on a lot more teams next year,” said Richard Náray after the awards ceremony.

The race started on Friday, July 27th, with the opening ceremony at Vitorlás Square, just in front of the stage of the 50th Kékszalag Grand Prix. András Holczhauser, the secretary general of the Hungarian Sailing Association, greeted the young sailors and wished them a lot of success. Unfortunately, in the weak wind, races could not be run. The participants were waiting in the Bay of Hajógyári, but Csilla Igali lead the fleet to the shore after an hour of waiting.

Saturday was not more promising either, however, the Race Committee had ordered the sailors to arrive in the port at 8.30 am. Around midday, the thermal winds promised by meteorology arrived, and in the light 6 to 8 knots they managed to set up four excellent races. Compliments for the committee for keeping the target 45-minute races almost on the dot.

The boats were struggling for good positions, but Herbert Kovács and Bence Farkas became the most outstanding of them, winning all four races of the day. There was a big battle for the podium places between Kemény Zsombor and Mihály Szörényi from VVSI, Vagabund’s competitors: Gergő Boldizsár Kocsis and Kata Zsolna Stamler, and between Botond Őrszigethy and Ágoston Náray from VGYE.

After the races, a dinner for the fleet was waiting for the children on the shore. The RS Feva races all over the world are characterized by a very good mood, sharing parties and helping each other – just how it was here as well. Along with the excellent Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner, every morning breakfast and snack were waiting for the teams on the shore. Mineral water in the motorboats and support boats waited for the children in the hot weather, while the organizers supported the teams with unique water-bottles. During the race, a ten-member volunteer crew helped afloating the boats, moveing the wagons to serving food.

On Sunday morning, a northwestern wind with strong gusts was waiting for the participants, who were struggling with getting to the race track, which Csilla Igali placed in the Bay of Hajógyári because of the waves. The wind was 15 knots at base, with 18-20-knot gusts, but the teams quickly adapted to the situation, and there were no capsizes during the race. The Kemény-Szörényi duo was able to win, the team from Keszthely got the second place this time.

The second race of the day had tested the organizers: the wind significantly weakened, but the team reacted swiftly: they shortened the race track and ran the “S” flag at the end of the second run, saving the overall sixth race.

Afterwards, Csilla Igali headed for the Kerekedi Bay again, as there was hope for some wind. This time it was right: after an hour of waiting, a pleasant 6-8 knots of north wind rose to hold the last race of the seven races. The final result can be found in the enclosed results list. The race of the  participating clubs with at least three boats was won by the KYK VSE of Keszthely.

“The RS Feva field proved to be a great group of sailors and of sportsmanship, and were holding on in different conditions. Arranging and organizing on a high level both on the shore and on the water, thanks to Berni Sármay, Vilmos Náray, Csilla Igali and all those who were there at the event. Lets not forget about the workers of the Kékszalag Grand Prix who have supported us and helped us through the events… “- emphasized Richard Náray, the organizer. He also said that for the RS Feva field the real competition is just beginning: a few days of training camp will be followed by the Eurocup from the 3rf of August to which they are expecting foreign teams as well.


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