RS Feva Kereked Youth Cup VGYE report

  • May 14, 2019

This year, children of VGYE in the RS Feva class began their preparation on April 4th. VGYE RS Feva’s team participated in a training session preceding the Kereked Youth Cupfive, five days of training at Lake Balaton and ten days in Budapest. We also participated in the three-day training camp at Keszthely during the spring break.

VGYE considered this Youth Cup as a preparation before a rather busy season in 2019. For the rest of the year, our team is planning to participate at the RS Feva Czech Championship, the RS Feva Hungarian Championship, the RS Feva Eurocup Hungary and the RS Feva World Championships in Italy. The preparation for the season has just started but this competition was an important step for the team. We are happy to come to Csopak to competitions because we can expect a fair race every year.

VGYE participated with three teams:
Bendegúz Náray – Ágoston Náray
Lőrinc Tóth – Bátor Göblyös Sztrókay
Szonja Fekete – Hanna Fekete

There was all sorts of weather at the race. Big wind, little wind, rain, waves and stillness as well. The VGYE teams have achieved a steady performance, (with the exception of the two Náray children who still have a greater performance in the big winds). Five valid races were the maximum that could be taken out of the weekend (due to the cold front arriving on Sunday).
The end result was fantastic for us, as was the weekend. Ranked first was the Bendegúz Náry – Ágoston Náray duo, the Lőrinc Tóth – Bátor Göblyös Szrókay duo earned second place, and the fifth place was taken by the girl duo Szonja Fekete – Hanna Fekete who were participating in their first race of their life. (Congratulations to the girls for their excellent performance!!!)
The final result can be downloaded here!

Thank you for the hospitality and the race for the KEREKED team, we will come next year…