Successful national and international breakthrough in the RS Feva class

  • September 17, 2018

RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2018


Our latest recognized youth shipyards, RS Feva, made a real breakthrough this summer. In the first national championships 30 participants from 6 clubs competed for championship titles and positions and despite the unreasonable changes in the tournament schedule of the international association, we managed to organize the first registered international RS Feva Euroup in Hungary with the participation of about twenty boats.

The race committee did an awesome job, and the foreign participants and the international jury will surely convey good news of the competition. We would like to welcome more competitors from abroad as well as from the other not yet actice Hungarian clubs in the future.

At the end of July and beginning of August the class association organized an eleven-day programme for the participants at the port of the Hungarian Sailing Association in Balatonfüred. The first part of the series of events sponsored by the Hungarian Sailing Association was the Hungarian Championship, which took place at the same time as the Blue Ribbon. This was followed by a four-day international training camp and then the Eurocup.

The well-built programme and the excellent organization continually helped the development of the competitors during the tournaments and the training camp. Majoross Bea and her team held a “clinic” that simultaneously deepened the tactical, technical and theoretical sailing skills of the children.

On the afternoon of the first registration day of the Eurocup a test race took place. In the 5-7-knot wind, more than half of the participants was practicing the track and the ideal boat-speed. During the test race the dominance of the top boats of the last few days was noticable, but the teams of the clubs BMVI and VGYE have also managed to keep up with the lead squad.

The opening of the first RS Feva Eurocup was held on the Kisfaludy stage in Balatonfüred, and was opened by András Holczhauser, the secretary general of the Hungarian Sailing Association, Péter Sipos, the head of the race committee, and the representatives of the organizers.

The first two races turned out to be in a weak wind, with the maximum of 6 knots. In the competition, Herbert Kovács – Bence Farkas from Keszthely was introduced again in the class by winning, while Zsófia Tósoky – Noel Fülöp from HVSE have won the second place confidently. Third and fourth place was won by Botond Őrszigety – Ágoston Náray and Sarolta Korbuly – Csenge Nagy. The foreign competitors were tested by the weak and constantly changing wind in the Balaton, therefore they were not able to compete for the first place.

The second day of the tournament did not bring more wind. In the morning, the race committee was able to keep only one race from the planned four. In the third round, teams of the VGYE received an OCS rating and lost their chance on the podium. The first half of the field brought the “usual binding” so the fate of the first and the second place did not change, while Zsombor Kemény – Mihály Szörényi won the third place from the Vagabund VSE club.

On the third day of the tournament due to the chronic wind shortage, it was not possible for the organizers to arrange more races. The awaiting on the shore was made more colourful by the performance of the international jury and by the discourse of the head of the race committee.

There was no shortage in programmes, however. On Friday evening, the RS Feva Crew held a party for the competitors, while playful activities, breakfast and dinner kept the soul in the athletes during the day. In the port area under the RS Sailing and Magic Marine’s technical tent one could buy the needed supplements for the boats, which RS Sailing specialists have also installed on the racing devices.

The result was announced at the International Sailing Center, where Richárd Náray, representative of the RS Feva class association, handed the awards to the competitors. Following the traditions of the class, the best women, the best mixed and the youngest most successful couple were paid awards.


RS Feva Eurocup 2018 Hungary results


The RS Feva Class’ event series is a breakthrough in Hungary, however, the class is already internationally known. Based on this, the Hungarian RS Feva Association will re-apply in October 2018 for organising another Eurocup and possibly a European Championship on Lake Balaton.