VGYE RS Feva crew to participate in several international events!

  • March 17, 2019

One of the most active representatives of the RS Feva Class in Hungary, the Vitorlázó Gyermekekért Egyesület (VGYE) is planning to participate in several foreign competitions in 2019. The conversation with the leader of the association reveals our 2019 program:
In 2019, the children of VGYE are also named as the competitors of several Czech events, because it is important to compete in large fleet and to co-operate with the fleets of neighbouring countries because of the development of the children. The association plans to race at the World Cup in Italy and participate in joint training camps with teams from other countries this year. Co-operation with the surrounding countries is also important because we can meet the conditions for competing in large fleets in a cost-effective way. The association’s ambition is to offer its programs to children at affordable prices.

This year, the association plans a 90-day program for the children of Feva, for which other ship associations are  welcomed to take part in as well.

This year’s VGYE program can be downloaded from here

In connection with the program and foreign competitions and training camps, the leader of the association is available at If the participants come from other associations, we will be happy to help you with the entries and travel arrangements.