June 28 Registration, measurement for both events, opening ceremony
June 29 Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race, races
June 30 Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race, races
July 1 Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race, races
July 2 Final race day and prize-giving for the Hungarian RS Feva Fleet Race
July 2-4 RS Feva international sailing camp, and sailing clinic
July 4 RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2019, registration, measurements, practice race, opening ceremony
July 5-7 RS Feva Eurocup Hungyar 2019, races
 July 7 RS Feva Eurocup Hungyar 2019 last race day, prize-giving ceremony

The Organising Comittee has carefully selected some hotels, pansions, and camp offering special deal for the RS Feva Hungarian Fleet Race, RS Feva Sailing camp and the RS Feva Eurocup 2019  (June 28 – July 7).

We have some special arrangements for you from four-star-plus to bed-and-breakfast categories. Pls. have a look at this offerings below, and if you want to book, send us an email!

Write to us, and we help you!

When choosing your accommodation, pls. keep in mind that parking will be available in front of the club (about 100 meters).

More information about accomodation…