RS Tura – az óriás kishajó

Stabilitás, biztonság és kaland vár rád rád! Csatlakozz hozzánk online az RS Toura digitális bemutatóján február 16-án egy Facebook Live ... More

Video of RS Feva Hungarian Championship 2021

Thanks to Janó Ladányi, we made a short film about the 2021 RS Feva Hungarian Championship and Eurocup. Enjoy! Thanks ... More

RS Feva review 2021

Despite a pandemic-stricken year for the class, the previous year was an outstanding one in terms of the activity of the domestic fleet, with an unprecedented ... More

RS Feva Hungarian Championship and Europ Cup final results

On 17 June 2021, this year's Hungarian Championship of the RS Feva class ended with the prize-giving ceremony. After the race, we can say that we have had a ... More

Autumn Sailing Training Camp 2021

Let me start by explaining… RS Sailing Hungary Kft and VGYE are not the same. We here at RS love VGYE, we support their work because they are the most ... More

RS Feva Eurocup Hungary 2021 NOR

You can download the NOR of : RS Feva EuroCup Hungary 2021RS Feva Hungarian ChampionshipRS500 VGYE Cup More

Full image gallery of the 2020 RS Feva OB and EC races

The pictures of this year's biggest RS Feva Hungarian competition have been taken. We wish you good fun with the pictures. More

Summary film about this year’s RS Feva OB, RS Feva EC and RS500 Tihany Cup

The summary film for this year’s RS Feva OB and EC races has been completed. We thank János Ladányi for the video report, we will meet again next year on ... More

RS Feva Hungarian Championship 2020, RS Feva Eurocup 2020 and RS500 Tihany Cup Day 3 summary video


Photos from RS Feva Eurocup 2020, 4. day

The pictures are attachments to a press release, a full gallery was uploaded to the site this afternoon. Until then, good viewing and tastes, so as not to ... More